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We carry out accurate and reliable market evaluations, through an on-site inspection and a careful analysis of the technical and municipality documentation. The property estimate can, in fact, take different ramifications depending on the reason for which it is requested. Mainly it is the calculation of the most likely commercial value of a property intended for sale. With a correct evaluation, sales times are reduced, often resulting in an economic advantage for the seller. Our consultants calculate, accurately and quickly, the value of the asset to allow a proper future marketing. Our real estate appraisals can also be useful for clients who want to buy houses among private individuals without relying on the advice of an intermediary. UCAF can provide a property valuation that includes:

  • a verification of the technical and municipality documentation;
  • a mortgage survey of the property to ensure that there are no constraints;
  • a technical assessment of the plants;
  • issuing energy certification and other certificates;
  • an urban audit of the property, to ensure the correct use.

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We carefully evaluate all the data related to the trend of the real estate market coming from the main platforms and the annual reports of the reference area, taking into account all the characteristics of the property, the relevance and the negative aspects, to build a complete picture and an in-depth analysis that best outlines the value of your property’s appraisal.


We compare all the properties on the market that have similarities with your property in relation to:

  • the surface,
  • the internal and external characteristics,
  • the general conditions of the property,

the type and the area in which they are located, to calculate an estimate price that is consistent with the current situation of the real estate market, providing a maximum value and a minimum value.


We use the direct capitalisation method in the context of the income criterion to convert the annual income expectation into an indication of estimated value.

This method is widely used for property characterized by the production of an income, so mainly offices or business premises, and is effective because the calculation is based on reliable benchmarks.


We ensure that the records in the cadastre archives are in accordance with the status of your property and, if irregularities are present, we ensure that they are rectified, relying on our trusted external collaborators, industry professionals and experts in urban practices, so that the property is ready for marketing.

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Thanks to historical partnerships in Italy and abroad, UCAF manages an exclusive real estate portfolio, carefully following each customer with an exceptional level of care and dedication,

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