Offering innovative services at 360° is the characteristic that distinguishes us on the market.

We offer you a complete service

Offering a service at 360° is the characteristic that distinguishes us on the market. We can count on a team of about ten people and as many trusted external collaborators, such as architects, engineers, surveyors, interior designers, notaries and accountants, who support our customers in their requests. You can rely on us for all the paperwork and administrative tasks that normally can take up valuable time. The activities we manage concern in particular:
– the relationship with tenants,
– routine maintenance,
– technical and cadastral aspects,
– the recording of leases,
– recording of invoices.


We provide our experience to manage all the services concerning your property, solving all the problems and unforeseen events that may arise during the course of the lease. You can choose from two different property management options, which include various types of services listed below.

Assistance in closing the contract
Registration of the lease agreement
Notice of termination of the contract
Management deadlines for cancellations and renewals
Sending of the MAV for the payment of the rent to the tenants
Rent update based on ISTAT index
Draft and negotiation of the contract
Selection of tenants
Professional photo shoot
Marketing plan
Annual tax obligations
Tax support
Management and administrative area STANDARD MANAGEMENT SERVICE PLUS
Check-in / Check-out
Assistance service for tenants
Management and ordinary maintenance of the property
Management and update of utilities
Optimization of communications between property and tenants

Discover our services in detail:


We believe in human contact and would like to meet personally with all potential buyers or tenants to make sure that we entrust your homes to the right people. We carefully select buyers or tenants according to your specific requirements and make sure they comply with all constraints and, more generally, everything that has been established in the contract.


We take care of maintenance and repairs whenever minor accidents or damage occur within your property during a lease.

Our staff intervenes promptly to solve the problem quickly through trusted and competent professionals, who in a few hours will make your property usable again by tenants.

Site visits

At the end of the rental period, we visit your property carefully and meticulously, to make sure that it has remained in good condition and that there is no damage to the furniture or equipment. In addition, we check the inventory, that is going to be written on a report in details before the lease, to make sure that nothing is missing inside the property and that everything is in order and in a good state of maintenance.


Before and after each stay, our team ensures that your property is kept clean and tidy, so that it is always impeccable and ready for visits and for the next location.

An good appearance is very important during the visits to ensure that we find new tenants in a short time and without additional tasks.

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Thanks to historical partnerships in Italy and abroad, UCAF manages an exclusive real estate portfolio, carefully following each customer with an exceptional level of care and dedication,

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