Property valuations


UCAF conducts accurate and reliable market assessments, through an inspection and a careful analysis of the technical and registered documentation. The real estate valuations can vary depending on the scope for which are requested. Generally, it is the calculation of the most probable commercial value of a property intended for sale. With a correct appraisal, time for sale is reduced and it often translates into an economic advantage for the seller. Our property consultants are available to calculate the value of the asset to allow a correct future placing on the market.
Our real estate appraisals can also be useful for clients who wish to buy a home from a private seller without relying on the advice of a real estate broker. In these cases, UCAF can provide a property assessment that includes:

- An in-depth verification of the technical and registered documentation;
- A mortgage assessment on the property to make sure that there are no restrictions;
- A technical assessment of the technical systems;
- Release of the compulsory energy certification and other compliance modules;
- An urban assessment of the property to ascertain the correct use.