Real estate development

CARIMA and UCAF - A successful partnership from almost 20 years.

UCAF is the exclusive partner of CARIMA for every asset deal. CARIMA, which was founded in 2000, deals mainly with the purchase and sale of buildings that are subject to a re-development. In particular:

- The purchase, including public and private real estate auctions, the sale, the exchange or transfer and any other negotiation of real estate assets;
- The project and the development of any type of constructions, renovations and improvement of properties;
- Property management of real estate assets owned by family offices;

Taking advantage on a strong and established network of professionals has allowed us to achieve great results. UCAF, within its business verticals, sell and lease every properties owned and managed by CARIMA.

Real estate development

UCAF deals with real estate development companies that have new construction sites located in Milan. In this case, a dedicated team is set up to promote each initiative along with the creation of customized marketing campaigns and the support of the most advanced sales techniques.

Real Estate Trading

Along with our team of technicians and sales experts UCAF produces feasibility plans to analyze and increase the value of our costumers’ real estate assets. In case of an entire building or a group of buildings, for sale or for lease, valuation and exit plans are made to allow a succesful placing on the market.

Investments in leased real estate assets

We have properties of significant value, concentrated especially in the central areas of Milan, that offer good annual yields. We propose to our private customers plans of disposal for their real estate assets or reinvestment in income generating properties.